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I would like to thank you for installing my parent’s handicap accessible bathtub. You have given my mother the freedom that she would not have had otherwise. It has been over 15 years since she was actually submerged in water. When my father first inquired about the bathtub his intention was to make her daily life more enjoyable. As it turns out he uses it as much as she does.


The customer service was great from placing the order, to shipping and also some help on installation procedures for the Rane tub in my home. My wife has MS and this was the reason for the purchase. She has found a new freedom with this unit. This may not seems like such a big deal to some of us, however for her it’s just that. Again, we thank you and your company.

Mike K.

Our Rane walk-in tub has changed my life. It is an enormous pleasure to be immersed while having the bubbler stimulate circulation in my legs. I am no longer cold as there was a considerable period between turning off the shower, getting into the wheelchair and grabbing a towel. Not I can empty the tub, the large outlet is great, and dry while in the tub.

Life has routines that can irritate, invigorate, or leave you indifferent. I am invigorated. “

John Trutor