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Swing Washbasin

The Swing Washbasin swings 180°, allowing more space for wheelchair users and making smaller rooms more accessible.

  • • Users will be able to use the washbasin and the toilet on their own, giving them greater independence.
  • • 264 lb (120 kg) weight capacity when freestanding, or 440 lb (200 kg) when loaded in docking station.
  • • Optional accessory kit includes two storage boxes with one insert.
  • • Must choose either a 10 mm to 1/2” or 10 mm to 3/8” adapter for water supply installation.

Support Washbasin

The Support Washbasin, with built-in handles and high weight capacity, provides extra support and increased security in the bathroom. The option of a height adjustable model, makes it ideal for bathrooms used by multiple users with individual needs.

  • • Available in fixed height, basic height adjustable, and manual height adjustable models.
  • • Height adjustment range from 26.8” (68 cm) to 38.6” (98 cm)from the floor.
  • • Optional cover to hide plumbing supply and drain.
  • • Available with mixer tap on left or right hand side.
  • • 440 lb (200 kg) maximum weight capacity.

Flexi Washbasin

The height adjustable Flexi Washbasin unit is easy to reach, whether sitting or standing, and works well in rooms where space is limited.

  • • At just 20.5” (52 cm) deep, it is perfect for small bathrooms.
  • • Height adjustment range from 26.8” (68 cm) to 38.6” (98 cm) from the floor.
  • • Easy to clean smooth surface.
  • • 220 lb (100 kg) maximum weight capacity