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Easy RangeTM Mobility System

Easy Range Mobility System
The result of careful research, design and extensive testing, the Easy Range is the world’s sturdiest pole system. The patents-pending, non-slip surface with its 1 3/4 inch diameter is scientifically developed for optimum grasping capability, eliminating twists, turns, and slips. This unique grip is conveniently placed from the bottom to the top of the pole- making it compatible for patients of all heights.
The EasyRangeTM is also highly adaptable to fit each patient’s needs- effectively allowing you to create a “fall-free zone.” It’s the only “grip safe, grip anywhere” wall-mounted mobility system. It can withstand up to 350 lbs of bearing weight-vastly reducing stress and injuries in caregivers assisting patients.
Innovative, strong, and solid- the customizable EasyRangeTM Wall-Mounted Mobility System gives optimum confidence and enhanced independence.
EasyRange™ aids in sitting, standing, and safely moving from point A to B. Whether moving from the bed, chair, or bathroom, EasyRange™ delivers safety, support, and independence.