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Stainless Steel Supply Lines

For hot and cold water connections.

Perineal Skin Cleanser

Rane’s Perineal Skin Cleanser contains special conditioners and emollients to soothe and moisturize fragile, sensitive skin and is ideal for incontinence cleansing. It is available in 1-gallon bottles (4 per case).

Shampoo & Body Wash

Rane’s Shampoo & Body Wash is a exceptionally mild formula designed to leave both hair and delicate skin soft and conditioned. Low foam and lather that rinses easily. It is available in 1-gallon bottles (4 per case).

Disinfectant Solution

Rane’s Disinfectant Solution is a lemon-scented quaternary ammonium compound that is effective against a wide variety of microorganisms including H1N1 Influenza A virus, TB, MRSA, Hepatitis B/C, VISA, VRE, HIV-1, and pathogenic fungi. Our disinfectant solution is concentrated and cleans at a dilution ratio of 2 oz. of disinfectant solution to 1-gallon of water. Available in 1-gallon bottle, 4 one-gallon bottles per case.

CleanRaneTM Air Spa System

The CleanRane™ Air Spa System enhances the therapeutic and relaxing effects of bathing and provides a pleasant experience for the resident. Hydromassage provides millions of preheated air bubbles in the water which increases stimulation of peripheral blood circulation, reduces pain and inflammation in the joints, gently massages away dirt, and induces deeper relaxation. The motor is quiet, efficient, and has a ceramic heating element that blows warm air to help maintain the water temperature and warm the surface of the tub.

  • Ceramic Heater– preheats air before it is injected in the tub and helps to maintain water temperature in tub
  • Quietness– built-in silencer
  • Memory– built-in controls give more range of options like limitless speed variation and pulsating cycles
  • Performance– produces a volume of air that allows for limitless speed variation and the use of more jets
  • Tranquility– rubber mounts are designed to absorb 95% of the motor vibration

Rane Disinfectant System

The Wall-Mounted Disinfection Cabinet is a highly efficient system that simplifies disinfection and greatly reduces the possibility of crosscontamination in your bathing and/or showering areas. A majority of long term care residents are incontinent, requiring all surfaces and equipment to be disinfected after each resident bathing and/or showering.
The unique mixing valve uses the exact dilution ratio of disinfectant solution for optimal performance against a wide variety of microorganisms and greatly reduces bacterial contamination. The lockable cabinet provides a secure place for disinfectants and cleaning supplies.
Measures 20” (50.8 cm) x 20” (50.8 cm), with a 10’ (304.8 cm) coiled hose.

Gel Pillow

The Gel Pillow can be used as a seat, neck or back pillow. Once rolled, can be used as knee pillow or foot stopper. It measures 15.9” (40.6cm) x 10” (25.7cm).

Lap & Shoulder Belt

The Lap & Shoulder Belt, made of nylon mesh, is a useful accessory for resident safety while bathing. It is available in regular and large size.

Head Pillow

The Head Pillow, a soft foam cushion, is held in place by a suction cup. It measures 12” (30.4cm) x 6.5” (16.5cm).

Gel Seat Cushion

The Gel Seat Cushion is made with an ultra-soft viscoelastic polymer gel that will provide both comfort and stability. It is designed to fit perfectly in our extensive line of residential and healthcare facility bathing systems.